Does the Mac support dropping track marks in long wav/aiff files? Or
do you have to cut the audio file into the tracks as separate files? or ?

In Windows, that I use, writing audio CDs (and CDs in general) is not
part of Windows XP (or earlier). I wonder what the new version has to
offer. While many stand-alone programs offer CD burning (Easy CD
Creator, Sonic's burner, etc.), I have grown accustomed to working
within one interface for ingest/editing/processing/dropping track
marks/burning CDs. It becomes a seamless operation. I try, for about
90% of the restoration work, to set it up to process in one pass.
That way, I don't have chained sets of files and have to "roll back"
if I don't like the final result, I tweak the one thing I don't like
and re-burn.

Some of the Windows stand-alone programs (like Golden Hawk) allow
dropping of track marks anywhere (although Golden Hawk uses a
scripting language where one has to enter the times, it's not drag
and drop--I don't use it anymore, but it solved some problems where
others failed early on). Others require file-per-track (I think
that's the only option in

Obviously, there are many different workflows, and we all adopt to
the one that we know best.

I thought Audacity had some interesting features and offered good
value for its price. Although the interface is a bit consumerish, I
think, at least in the Windows environment, Magix Audio Cleaning Lab
is perhaps a better value for money. Of course, part of that is that
I'm used to the way it works as it borrows heavily from Samplitude
(which I use), so that's my prejudice showing (and I hope I was clear
in my first post that I'm used to that model).

Thanks for the information.



At 06:49 AM 8/6/2005, you wrote:
>One doesn't.  This is not a feature that is offered.  On the Mac,
>which I use, one can burn CDs from the Desktop, so that is not an
>important feature.
>On Aug 5, 2005, at 11:17 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>>Perhaps I missed something, but how do you burn CDs from Audacity?

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