From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


Jerry Hartke and Konrad Strauss responded to my plea for ensuring that drives
also display longevity. These were some of the words:

> on 8/9/05 8:54 AM, Jerry Hartke at [log in to unmask] wrote:
> > One key problem is that there are no standards for drives, only for media
> > quality. What determines whether a drive is acceptable or not, other than
> > complete loss of functionality?
> That's a great point and one many persons do not consider when burning
> archival discs.

(Konrad Strauss)

----- however, the ability to consistently burn a CD or a DVD is beside the
point I was trying to make. I was addressing the problem of consistently
READING an archival CD or DVD; "R" or not. I mean, after all, that is why we
burn these media. We want to read them, now that we have ensured that they
will survive in the medium term.

----- in an archival environment, the "lack of standards" is the lamest and
lousiest excuse I have ever come across! Start developing them. How do you
think that standards (or recommended practices) for museum lighting, not
exceeding a certain light dose ever came about? Work by those who are
affected, that's how.

----- do not think that I doubt that a CD reproducer can be built from
scratch if needed sufficiently hard. It will be a scientific instrument with
an appreciable price tag. Perhaps we should try to have a quote for this kind
of equipment handy when we plan our archival future.

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