Are you using the high-resolution burning capability of the
Masterlink or making audio CDs?


John Spencer

On Aug 9, 2005, at 9:33 AM, Konrad Strauss wrote:

> on 8/9/05 8:54 AM, Jerry Hartke at [log in to unmask] wrote:
>> One key problem is that there are no standards for drives, only
>> for media
>> quality. What determines whether a drive is acceptable or not,
>> other than
>> complete loss of functionality?
> That's a great point and one many persons do not consider when burning
> archival discs.
> At IU we make our archival concert recordings to Masterlinks. We
> burn a test
> disc when the machine is new as a baseline, and then twice yearly
> test discs
> on each machine to monitor the status of the burners. We see a steady
> decline in burner performance, after about 18 months the E22 count
> begins to
> spike. At about 2 years we begin to see E32s. We replace the
> burners before
> this point. We burn a lot of discs - perhaps 500 per year on each
> machine,
> but the important point is that burners have a limited lifespan and
> need to
> be monitored on a regular basis.
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