That's one of the reasons that I was curious.  Glad to know that you
were doing Audio CDs on the Masterlink.

One of the guys at my office was the former Technical Services
Director for Alesis (prior to bankruptcy and sale to Numark), and
we've watched this from a somewhat vested perspective, as we still
see deliverables coming in for labels that are CD-24 Masterlink disks.

Not a really good sign, based on your information below.

All the best,

John Spencer

On Aug 9, 2005, at 9:30 PM, Konrad Strauss wrote:

> on 8/9/05 2:55 PM, Alexis Weatherl at [log in to unmask] wrote:
>> Please elaborate on your testing methods.  I also have a
>> masterlink and am
>> very interested in what programs or methods you are specifically
>> using to
>> determine hard drive failure.
> Twice a year we burn an 80 minute disc and send it to a mastering
> facility
> which has a Clover CD tester. They return error reports. Any burner
> which
> exhibits E22 errors is earmarked for replacement. Unfortunately you
> cannot
> use off-the-shelf CD burners, you have to buy them from Alesis for
> about
> $80.00 each. Originally I had the brilliant idea of buying a burner
> from
> Alesis, then once I new the model number I could buy it from
> another vendor
> at a lower cost. No dice, the burners are discontinued and aren't
> available
> through any source I've found.
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