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> For me, I see both preservation and cataloging to be part of the same
> challenge and inextricably connected.
To some extent they are...although I'm not sure about "inextricably!"
If sound recordings are to be collected and archived, it will become
necessary to create a related database detailing what is in that
archive and how to find it, as well as (one hopes) as much discographic
data as possible on said recordings!

Jon Noring was, a while ago, talking of the creation of "Project
Gramophone," which was to include both an archive of 78rpm
recorded sounds and a discographic/descriptive database covering
the archived recordings.

Actually, the database would be a simpler task. Assume about
5 million issued 78's (5 megadiscs?) comprising about 9.9 million
sides. If we assume 2KB of data per recording (side) we will
need 19.8GB of storage...well under available hard-disk capacity.

OTOH, if we assume 2MB per sound file (which is probably an
underestimate) and we need 19.8 terabytes (!) of storage for
a full archive...or about 80 250GB drives...

Steven C. Barr