Well, I'm really confused!!!  I just read a review on ZDNET of the amp 
and this is a quote:

"Oh, there's something the V740 doesn't have: a cooling fan. The unit 
instead relies on an internal finned heat sink. We like that design 
decision because we never got distracted by fan noise."

> I just checked a few online reader reviews, and they all seem to be 
> positive.  So, if your unit is still under warrantee, I'd see if 
> they'd replace the fan; it's hard to believe that a normal fan would 
> produce that much noise.  Most have what is called a "whisper fan" 
> just because of the need for unblemished sound.  Or, maybe return the 
> unit due to customer dissatisfaction.
> Rod Stephens
> Family Theater Productions

Aaron Levinson wrote:

> Dear Michael:
> The reviews I read described this as a "good budget model"
> receiver. The all in one nature of the receiver itself somewhat
> precludes it ever truly becoming a "superlative" machine by
> any standard. With an MSRP of $599 it is really a pretty good
> deal for what it is. For truly critical listening I would steer away
> from the receiver idea entirely and go with separate components if at 
> all possible.
>  A solid-state or tube amplifier by Mark Levinson (no relation for 
> those who care) should make you very happy indeed. The price is not 
> similar to your Yamaha and neither is the level of performance and 
> accuracy. For someone who has such sophisticated ears, do yourself a 
> favor and buy something truly extraordinary. You will have this gear 
> for the rest of your life and amortized over such a period of time it 
> is in my estimate money very well spent.
> I doubt that whoever sold you the Yamaha carries Levinson
> gear or something comparable but there are always Levinson
> pieces up on eBay and I bet someone on this very list may
> have an audiophile grade amp they might be selling off...
> Just a thought,
> Aaron
> On Aug 29, 2005, at 11:29 AM, Michael Ridderbusch wrote:
>> Perhaps someone knows the answer to this.
>> I recently purchased a top of the line receiver by yamaha,
>> the rx-v740, only to discover that its fan produces an audible e below
>> middle c
>> which makes it useless to me when listening to chamber music, or any
>> music
>> where amplitude has peaks and valleys.
>> Is it normal for the fan to be audible?
>> Is this a design trend, or are there superlative amplifiers out there
>> without fans,
>> or at least without noisy fans?
>> If a fan is noiseless, will it get noisier with age?