Unfortunately I sampled the Moeran quartet in Eb.

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Unbelievable. I don't suppose it would help to suggest playing only
quartets in
E Major (Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Paganini)?


Michael Ridderbusch wrote:

> Perhaps someone knows the answer to this.
> I recently purchased a top of the line receiver by yamaha,
> the rx-v740, only to discover that its fan produces an audible e
> middle c
> which makes it useless to me when listening to chamber music, or any
> music
> where amplitude has peaks and valleys.
> Is it normal for the fan to be audible?
> Is this a design trend, or are there superlative amplifiers out
> without fans,
> or at least without noisy fans?
> If a fan is noiseless, will it get noisier with age?