Sorry, Mike.  I was trying to be humorous and missed the mark as far as 
you were concerned, I guess.  I'll try to be more serious in the future.

But honestly, I too truly love all of my CDs, LPs and reel to reel 
recordings of artists that are no longer with us and concerts that would 
been geographically out of reach.  And, the Met concerts (in season) as 
well as other musical pleasures over the FM allow us to "sample" at home 
treasures that would been impossible for the average person before the 
advent of recorded music.  We owe great debts to the many talents 
(musically and technically) that have made it all possible, today.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

Mike Richter wrote:

> Rod Stephens wrote:
>> Why just "sample" when you can hear the real thing; I'm hearing the 
>> Emerson Quartet next month, LIVE!!
>> Reminds me of the story of the "Hi-Fi" addict who went to his first 
>> live concert and was heard to mutter on his way out, "Too much bass, 
>> too much bass".
>> Rod Stephens
>> Family Theater Productions
> Some of us may not have the option. While we all may prefer (and I 
> hope we all recognize) reality to the frozen image on a recording, the 
> performance needs to be accessible. My health precludes attending 
> performances; others could go physically but cross-country travel for 
> a concert may be a little hard to budget.
> Mike