Greetings All

I have used Audacity for a few years now & I can't let this stand.

Audacity creates its own working files which can amount to a lot of
stuff.  However, if you take the trouble of "Exporting to AIFF" or
whatever your favorite format is, you don't have to keep the junk.
It works very well as a recorder and as an editor.  It works (on the
Mac at least) with external USB devices (Edirol UA5 for example) and
is quite reliable.

It is free & does what it does well, in my opinion.  I have used
several other programs, Bias Peak is bug riddled, my old favorite
SoundEdit 16 no longer works and miscellaneous Shareware programs do
not come close to Audacity's capabilities.  The one thing Audacity is
lagging is that its VST plugin adapter simply does not work.  At
least not with the Waves restoration bundle I have.


On Aug 5, 2005, at 9:34 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> I looked at my backup log today and found that my trial of Audacity
> had created (for one program) 666 13kB files in a subdirectory.
> Samplitude is bad enough, creating two files for each WAV file and
> creating additional WAV files to get around the 2GB limit, but for an
> 80 minute audio file to make 666 additional files? Oh well, there
> must be a reason, maybe they're optional. I don't know, but it's
> another nail in its coffin for me - too much to deal with. Oh, and
> they have very descriptive names b00000.auf through b00665.auf.
> Now, I have to go in and delete them in three places (the audio
> machine and both NAS boxes).
> Cheers,
> Richard
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