Steve and all,
I have been using Verbatim and Mitsui (and Quantegy) for a better part
of the past 3 years. In this period prices went down and speed went up
considerably. From 3-4 manufacturers we now have numerous. Although I
have not witnessed an aged corrupt DVD yet data start to amass.
Recording layer corruption, layers separating, cracks, storage scratches
and other. I recon (and naively hope) that staying with the best brand
names would be safer until data could be verified in 10-20 years.
Our Master cabinets are at room temperature, locked and dark. Air-con is
on during the hotter hours of the day to keep an average 23!C. Hardly
archiving, more of a real world condition. In these conditions we have
never had any problems with DVD-R or CDRs of any brand from real
el-cheapos to the best of the best. Others miles may vary... If the copy
you supply is the only copy why not supply 2 copies and get done with
it? :-) Mark one as MASTER and seal it, mark the other WORK COPY and
leave it open. I always keep my own copy as safety back-up.


Joav Shdema
Joav Shdema Inc.
dB Studio A
The magic is in the ear

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> Hi --
> Thanks to Richard Hess for making me aware of this very
> unique list. Please forgive me if the topic of my question
> has already been covered.
> I run a facility dedicated to multitrack analog to digital transfers:
> The majority of our smaller transfer jobs are delivered on
> DVD-R. I've been "lurking" for a while and I know that the
> members of this list understand that safeguarding our digital
> assets requires a lot more involvement than writing files to
> a DVD-ROM and putting it up on a shelf somewhere. However,
> the reality is that the DVD-ROMs I supply to my clients will
> probably end up being their only backup. So, I want to do all
> I can to ensure their long-term survival.
> I was wondering if anyone in this group has any preference
> for / experience with "archival" DVD-Rs. Will they really
> survive error-free longer, or is this just marketing hype?
> I'm also interested to know if there is any type of storage
> container or storage practice that would enhance the
> reliability and / or longevity of DVD-Rs.
> Thanks,
> -- Steve
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