Also, avoid those slim-line cases if they were designed for CDs.  CD
cases have a tighter hub-grip than DVD cases because of the risk the two
polycarbonate layers of a DVD pull apart!

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> Multiple copies are an excellent choice, indeed, I would say a 
> necessary one.
> They should be on different media, both (or all) of high quality.
> I trust that by "seal", you do not mean hermetically seal the disc.
> Keeping air out means trapping gasses in, which I believe is 
> considered unwise for recordable optical media. Of course, you are 
> correct that a master copy should not be accessed except to verify

As usual, Mike is quite correct. I might add incorrect volume and file
structure logical errors as a third, common source of premature failure.
Such discs "work" in some operating systems, but fail is others or later
versions of a "good" O/S.

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