I just ordered a burner replacement for my oldest Masterlink, and it 
was $74 plus a $10 EPROM to plug in the board. It is a current model 
Liteon (when it arrives i can tell you the specific model) according to 
the parts man I spoke with. I'm sure they can be had elsewhere.

Though the Masterlink is a bit long in the tooth for other uses, for 
yours it is perfect application. I am pretty sure they will work with 
stock burners, for the time being hopefully!


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Aug 9, 2005, at 7:30 PM, Konrad Strauss wrote:

> on 8/9/05 2:55 PM, Alexis Weatherl at [log in to unmask] wrote:
>> Please elaborate on your testing methods.  I also have a masterlink 
>> and am
>> very interested in what programs or methods you are specifically 
>> using to
>> determine hard drive failure.
> Twice a year we burn an 80 minute disc and send it to a mastering 
> facility
> which has a Clover CD tester. They return error reports. Any burner 
> which
> exhibits E22 errors is earmarked for replacement. Unfortunately you 
> cannot
> use off-the-shelf CD burners, you have to buy them from Alesis for 
> about
> $80.00 each. Originally I had the brilliant idea of buying a burner 
> from
> Alesis, then once I new the model number I could buy it from another 
> vendor
> at a lower cost. No dice, the burners are discontinued and aren't 
> available
> through any source I've found.
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