I am not totally familiar with the DVD audio standard... is it also laid
out to have no data track ?

One would think that at least going forward, ANY new consumer standard
should include a data file that includes reasonable discography
information. Such information is so easily supplied when the masters are
to be pressed, and could fully standardize the information data format.
I'm a mere amateur in this area.... But it seems to me that from what I
read here there is not much effort being made to cure the problem in an
ongoing sense. All the effort is towards standardizing data for old
recordings. This is needed and laudable, but if the way new recordings
are made don't change situation will simply go from *improbable* to
solve to *impossible* to solve. The mountain is just getting higher to
climb. I realize it is a little late to address this with CD's... but
new formats ? One would think the inclusion of space for reasonable data
would be child's play, leaving the more difficult problem of settling
the industry on exactly what data they would be required to provide
there and in what format. Does anyone know what is being done in these

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Karl Miller wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Aug 2005, John Ross wrote:

> I am thinking of the tracks on the disc not used for audio.

Any data track on a CD means that the disc is not a true CD-DA. Whether
it is Mixed Mode, Enhanced CD, CD Extra or strictly a (data) CD-ROM is a
question of the tracks, their contents and their layout.

Yes, this was covered in several previous replies, but the message needs
to be clear and unequivocal. If other than redbook audio is to be
recorded, the disc must have a data track. In that event, whatever data
files are desired may be included. Of course, standardization of content
and form for any such data track is highly desirable.

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