Some of you may have had a preview of this announcement at SAA last week, so this may already be old news. I'm nonetheless pleased to announce that the RLG EAD Report Card is now available as open source.  You can get it from the RLG Web Site at:

There are two version, one for the desktop and one for a webserver.  The webserver version will require that you work with a webmaster in order to install the files and perl scripts.  The desktop version has several limitations in terms of operating systems and java requirements (these are outlined in the readme file).  I hope that by giving the files to the community, the community can contribute back and help to improve what we've given you, in true open source fashion.  

Both versions allow you to update the guts of the report card, so that it will work with your own best practice guidelines.  Right now, out of the box it works with the RLG EAD Best Practice Guidelines, but your institutional guidelines may be more or less restrictive.

I'd like to see questions about the report card go to this list, so that everyone can learn together, and so that I can start to compile a "frequently asked questions" document an improve the readme files and the source code itself.  A few things to watch out for are:
permissions (when you unzip the files, your unzip utility may make the permissions 'read only,' which can cause problems -- you can easily change the permissions on the files and directories).
entity declarations can be tricky
local doctype declarations can also be tricky

Many thanks to Liz Shaw, who did the programming.  I'm grateful to Paul Fogel and Leslie Myrick who agreed to do early testing, and also to Amanda Wilson, Michele Rothenberger, Jenn Riley, Susan Hamburger, and Gabriela Montoya, who all sent specific feedback to help improve this tool.

I will be on vacation next week, so if I don't respond to specific questions, that's why.  Hopefully someone else can chime in with the answers!



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