Hello Cataloging Educators,

This message is for those who use my textbook: Wynar's Introduction to
Cataloging and Classification, revised 9th ed.  I have finished the
manuscript for the 10th ed., which will revert to its original title:
Introduction to Cataloging and Classification.  It will not be published
in time for use this year, however.  (The detail that has to be checked
and rechecked to make such a book as error-free as possible is very
labor-intensive and time-consuming.)  The chapter in the revised 9th ed.
that is the most out of date is the Dewey one, since it talks about DDC21,
and DDC22 has been available for awhile now.  Therefore, I have placed a
pdf of my manuscript for the new chapter on my Web site:

Because I have rearranged chapters for the 10th ed., this chapter is now
numbered 15.  (At the suggestion of several of the book's users, and
because I myself teach subject headings before classification, I have
rearranged the chapters accordingly.  I have also placed the authority
control section right after the chapters covering AACR2.)

I hope this will be helpful.

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