We teach LCSH first then DDC. Students find it easier to understand principles of hierarchical structure and broader/narrower terms when applied using words. A lot of people actually find numerical notation daunting, so we start with the theory of knowledge using language before turning to decimal notation.

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I am really intrigued by this difference in cataloging course 
structure. I never realized before that (the previous to 10th ed of) 
Wynar was set up to teach classification before subject headings. My 
colleague at Illinois does this, too, and I can't quite get my mind 
around it. What is the idea behind it?

Does anyone else teach the units of basic cat & class in a 
"different"order (i.e., different from those in textbooks like Chan 
or Wynar/Taylor)?


Arlene Taylor wrote:

>Because I have rearranged chapters for the 10th ed., this chapter is now
>numbered 15.  (At the suggestion of several of the book's users, and
>because I myself teach subject headings before classification, I have
>rearranged the chapters accordingly.  I have also placed the authority
>control section right after the chapters covering AACR2.)

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