Dear JAC members,
We have received a proposal to include Karelian in 639-2. Please see proposal text below.
Current status:
- 639-1 and -2 do not contain Karelian. Encoding will currently have to be "fiu = Finno-Ugrian (other)". In connection with the finalization of 639-1 there was a proposal to include "North Karelian". That proposal was not accepted.
- 639-3 (and the Ethnologue) has "krl = Karelian". The main entry in Ethnologue is under Russia (Europe), with a reference from Finland.
- Linguasphere has "Karely+Lüdi" as 41-AAA-b, subdivided into "karyalan-N.", "karyalan-S.", "olonec", "lüdi-N.", "lüdi-S.", and "izhor".
The proposed identifier (krl) is that of 639-3.
There seems to be every reason to include this item in 639-2.
DISCUSSION please (until 2005-09-09).
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This data was submitted on: Friday, March 18, 2005 at 08:23:48

lang_in_eng = Karelian

lang_in_fre = Carélien

ref_where_found_1 =

lang_in_vern = karjala

ref_where_found_2 =

trans_lit = -

evidence = Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus (Kotus), the Reasearch Inst= itute for the Languages of Finland (RILF), has over 50 books in Karelian in its libraries.
Three Karelian tabloid size "newspapers" are published once or twice a month.
The work on a six-volume dictionary of the Karelian language (ISSN 0355-543= 7, 0356-5769) has now been completed (after a fifty-year effort by a full-time staff) at RILF as a joint effort with the Finno-Ugrian Society, the publisher.

addinfo = Karelian is spoken primarily on either side of the south-east boarder of Finland (with Russia). It is not an official minority language of Finland nor Russia.

request_addition = ISO 639-2 only

2_code_suggestion =

3_code_suggestion = KRL

submit_name = Erkki I. Kolehmainen

submit_email = [log in to unmask]

submit_status = Co-ordinator for ICT-related cultural diversity issues at RILF and secretary of the national working group (with special funding from the Ministry of Education).