Dear ISO 639 JAC:

I received the message below from Pat Harris about a DIS. This is related
to the discussion we had about the revision of ISO 3166, where there was
an annex listing countries and their official languages. This DIS also has
such a table and indicates whether languages are either official or de
facto languages associated with particular countries. I imagine that we
will have a similar comment to this one as we did to ISO 3166. At the
least they should not consider this a normative appendix and it might be
questionable how they are labeling the languages concerned as official or
de facto.

In addition, we may have some concerns about their use of "esp" for
Spanish. They have chosen the ISO 639-2/T codes and I'm sure did not like
using the code based on the English form and interpreted the statement in
the published 639-2 standard as saying that we WILL (rather than
MAY) change to esp after 5 years. We will need to respond to that.

Since the copy of this on the JTC1/SC32 site is password protected, I have
put up a copy on our site (unlinked so it won't be picked up by search
engines). This will be there temporarily:

I would like to have a discussion about this.


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Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 11:27:26 -0400
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Subject: Fwd: SC 32 FCD 15944-5 needs review

Hi, Rebecca,
Do you recall looking at this JTC1/SC 32 document about a year ago when 
it was at an earlier stage?
Take a look at Annex C which ties in Language Codes and Country Codes.
Is this being discussed in the language codes group?
Are there objections?
We have an opportunity to comment - we would need to get our views in 
to them by Nov. 20.

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> Subject: SC 32 FCD 15944-5 needs TC 46 review
> Pat,
> Can you get this FCD 15944-5 [32N1338] through TC 46.  I believe you 
> may have comments on Annex C (normative)
> It is available at
> un=jtc1sc32
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