RLG plans to submit the RLG Trove.net METS Profile for registration.  The profile is available for review at:


<abstract>The RLG Trove.net METS Profile describes the METS documents created by RLG for use with the Trove.net site. Trove.net is a freely accessible image database that contains rare and unusual images, reflecting the world's cultures. Based on RLG Cultural Materials, the site allows individuals and small businesses, as well as publishers and advertisers, to license images for various uses. Each Trove.net METS object describes and links to one image; each image is part of a collection provided to RLG by a Cultural Materials contributing institution. A list of contributors and collections is available on the Trove.net site. This METS profile differs from others in that the METS objects described in this profile are not used for managing digital assets. The current uses of the Trove.net METS objects are primarily internal to RLG. They are used to derive HTML and for indexing. They are also distributed to vendors that enable licensing of selected images from RLG Cultural Materials. In designing these METS objects, RLG has anticipated that there may be additional uses for them in the future.</abstract>

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