The METS Editorial Board has been hosting a series of METS Opening Day
events to provide an introduction to the METS standard and a chance to
discuss the technical issues surrounding METS' implementation.  The Board is
pleased to announce that the fourth METS Opening Day has been scheduled for
October 15, 2005 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

This event will provide an overview of the METS metadata schema, and discuss
the basics of implementing digital library systems which use METS.
Participants will be given an opportunity to see how to build METS documents
from scratch, and learn about how other institutions are implementing METS.
There will also be opportunities to discuss the technical details of
implementing METS, including the use of creation tools, endorsed extension
schema, and making METS documents available to users.

The event is free of charge, but attendees of the METS Opening Day must
register. Registration is limited to 100 people. Registration and travel
information will be available shortly. A preliminary program is available

This event will be held in conjunction with the Access 2005 conference, held
on October 17th-19th. For details of the Access conference see:

We look forward to seeing you in Edmonton!

Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich
Metadata Coordinator
Digital Services Group
Stanford University Libraries / Academic Computing
Stanford, CA  94305-6004
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