Hello, all:

Jerome McDonough, the chair of the METS Editorial Board since it's formation
in 2002, has resigned his position as chair to coincide with his move to a
faculty position at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science
at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Jerry will remain on the
METS Editorial Board and continue his invaluable contributions to the Board
and to the METS community.  The METS Editorial Board chair responsibilities
will be shared among Brian Tingle from the California Digital Library who
will be taking the lead on technical issues, and myself, as lead on
administrative matters.  On behalf of the METS Editorial Board, and the METS
community, Brian and I wish to thank Jerry for his visionary leadership and
tremendous commitment to the development of the METS standard, to the work
of the Editorial Board, and to the digital repository community generally.
We look forward to continued work with him in his new capacity as a faculty
member at UIUC.

My contact information follows in case you have specific questions regarding
administrative issues.  Brian can be reached at:


California Digital Library


415 20th St, #435D


Dev Programmer






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Best wishes to Jerry!


Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich

Metadata Coordinator

Digital Services Group

Stanford University Libraries / Academic Computing

Stanford, CA  94305-6004

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