We are starting to use MGEG21/DIDL for compound objects. We may derive
from the metadata (obtained from the index is DC) whether the object is
a compound object and then retrieve it out of the scope of the search
and retieve application. An alternative to this is an extraRecordData
extension indicating which formats are available for a specific record
because different metadat formats are mixed in our index. Anyway the
client has a limited choice for metadata formats that differs per object
and can this cannot  be expressed in explain.
I will solve this in my own way but I mention it as an actual use case
which might help in discussing generic solutions for real use cases.

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In terms of OAI, Herbert and co at Los Alamos have done interesting
in returning MPEG21/DIDL documents as the "metadata" record, so the
can be argued the other way as well.


On Fri, 12 Aug 2005, Matthew J. Dovey wrote:

>> If the intention is to include properties describing the
>> metadata record
>> (REC), then perhaps it might be better for SRW/SRU to adopt
>> the approach
>> taken by OAI PMH and place this information in a record "header"
>> separate from the metadata.
>This doesn't necessarily work in all cases - I think I did give the
>learning object repository example where we potentially might return
>learning object, learning object metadata and learning object
>metadata (e.g. a REC record for the metadata). At present we *are*
>using different transactions (requesting different recordSchema)
>depending on which we want back, and don't (yet) have a real
>to get all back in a single response.
>> This would be a useful place to park other types of data we haven't
>> considered yet, for example Rights Data applying to the
>> metadata record.
>The issue is we could add such a header - but in many ways we are
>duplicating what other (and possible better) schemas such as METS,
>MPEG21 etc. already do.
>Also adding the header does not necessarily address the other
>requirement - which is someone who *is* using a container schema such
>METS may wish to be able to request what schemas are contained within
>that container (admittedly it isn't yet clear whether this is a real
>requirement now or just anticipation of a future one).