Robert Sanderson wrote:
>>Has anyone looked at the schema for the REC context set at
>> (linked from the Record
>>Schemas page at
>> lately?
>>Specifically, the following fragment seems to have a number of problems:
>> <xsi:complexType name="modificationType">
>>   <xsi:sequence>
>>    <xsi:element name="modified" minnOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>
>>    <xsi:element name="modified" minnOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>
>>   </xsi:sequence>
>> </xsi:complexType>
>>Two elements named "modified"?  "minnOccurs"?  Has anyone actually tried
>>to validate against this schema?  Or have they been corrected and I just
>>failed to find the correct link?
> That's probably because I don't write schemas natively, I write a DTD
> and then use a program to turn them into a schema.
> I'll see if I can find a better dtd to xml schema conversion tool!

Did you have a look at

  trang - convert between different schema languages for XML

   trang  [-I  rng|rnc|dtd|xml]  [-O rng|rnc|dtd|xsd] [-i input-param]
           [-o output-param] input-file ...  output-file

written by  James Clark ([log in to unmask]), in Java, but sucessfully build
by Debian people into an native executable using gjc, and installable as
debian package 'trang'.

It even can interfer schema's from a bunch of example files, which is
very useful if you got a lot of customer data and can not the the
structure in it ..

Marc Cromme, Index Data

> Thanks,
> Rob


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