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> > Perhaps the Explain schema could be extended to allow an indication
> > of the Application profile supported by a particular recordSchema
> > and client software could use this information to decide which
> > recordSchema to request.
> Why doesn't it suffice for the Explain record to indicate what
> recordSchemas are supported, and for the client to choose from among
> them?  I don't understand what the introduction of profiles buys us.
> (I'm not diagreeing with you -- not yet, anyway :-) -- just trying to
> understand better.)

At the BL we have developed a common format called the BL Application
Profile (BLAP). This is based on the DC Library Application profile.

In turn, for metadata describing specific materials or for a specialised
purpose, the BL Profile is further refined. For example, we have a
special application profile for sound which deals with describing a
range of recordings from commercial products, broadcasts, wildlife,
environmental sounds and interviews (BLAP-S).

If an SRU service delivers this records conforming to this profile, the
client might like to know that the particular record schema (dcx)
conforms to Qualified Dublin core, the DC Library Application profile,
BLAP and perhaps BLAP-S.


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