One possible solution to this issue might be to use RDF, which I think
would allow you to say something along the lines of 

        rdf:Description rdf:about="URI of the described resource"
                dc:title stuff
                dc:creator more stuff
        rdf:Description rdf:about="#abc"
                dc:creator cataloguer's initials
                dcterms:created date of cataloguing


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> Here's a (real) MARC record from the Oxford catalogue:
> [snip]
> 971    $a com.gbr $b 950726
> In MARC 9xx fields are for local use, and in Oxford we stick some
> record metadata into the 971 field. So in this case I can tell you
> my MSc thesis was catalogued by someone in the computing lab (com)
> with the initials GBR on the 26 July 1995.
> [...]
> If I asked for the record via SRW in REC format, I'd get [...]  just
> the 971 provenance data in a more standard form, but no
> bibliographic details

Oooooo-kay.  That is pretty lame, but I have to admit that it does
just about manage to limp along.  OK, I won't complain about the "rec"
schema any more (though it would be good to see this use-case in the
schema documentation).

... but how much better to have a schema that lets you include the
record-level metadata along with the data.

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