What is X-86-C and how do I know if my machines are that?

I had assumed DASH and PD are different.

So there are four 2-track X-8x-x formats? GAK!

Point well taken about the "sound" of the converter.



At 09:47 AM 9/4/2005, Claus Trelby wrote:
>Hi Richard,
>X-8x-x Mit is not compatible with DASH... DASH is PCM based and Prodig is
>To make things more complex:
>X-80 comp with the X-86-C not X-86
>X-86 comp with the X-86-C, NOT X-80
>X-86-C comp with X-80 (PB only), X-86, NOT HS
>X-86-HS comp with X-86, X-86-C, NOT X-80, and had a unique HS setting.
>In transferring this format there are a couple of PD to PCM DtoD converters,
>but since these machines were used in the analog domain as mastering
>machines, we have to keep in mind that the sound of he converters are part
>of the sound that engineers heard and used. I would capture in the analog
>domain with these machines.
>Hope this helps,
>Claus Trelby

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