On Thu, 8 Sep 2005, David Lewiston wrote:

> So it boils down to "Whatever rocks your boat."

I concur. My boat has rocked to a different wave for these last 8 years or

Mac and Protools...

and, as of late, and speaking of waves...Waves restoration software.

I just looked at the Otari web site...for a time they offered a "solution"
which included an Otari deck, A to D conversion and storage in a turn key
package...however I didn't find it listed on their current site.

For me, such a set up won't work as, in my experience, "one size does not
fit all"...nor, if one wants to do it right, can it be done without
informed  and careful monitoring of the process. Years ago my "superiors"
insisted that untrained staff could do such we had music
recorded at 7.5 ips being played at 15 ips, quarter track
being played with 2 track heads (hearing music being played backwards
didn't seem to bother them), squeal from the build up of oxide not being
noticed as it was thought to be part of the music...if you think that is
bad, ask me about my current "superiors."

For me, Mac or PC, however simple your setup might be, requires
informed staff to perform, monitor, and supervise the process. Equipment
costs are slight when compared to the cost of appropriately trained
staff...assuming you can find any.

I am reminded of something I have heard on more than one
occasion...while the words change, it goes a bit like..."you
don't need trained staff to do that...hell... my grandson is a wiz with
the computer and did a great job transferring some of my 45s to CD." If you
encounter an attitude like that, you are doomed.