On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Don Tait wrote:

>   Does anyone remember the special scent of the paper in Schwann catalogues
> between about 1954 and 1961? It was unique. I love it.

You would love sitting in my library at home...

 And the pungent scent of
> Mercury LPs from that time? I remember that at the record store I patronized,
> one always knew one was near the Mercuries because one could smell them. The
> scent seemed to come from something used on their labels because when they
> issued some Philips-licensed things beginning around 1961 (Richter, Mengelberg)
> the records had the same unique, pungent scent.

And then there is that pungent odor of some of the Melodia boxed
sets...smelling like something the cat dragged in.

And then...speaking of stream of conciousness...there is the
disc..."Perfume set to music." Which leads me to the theremin and a

Just encountered a Victor 78 featuring the theremin. I wondered if anyone
knew if they issued many discs featuring the theremin. I had never
encountered this disc before, but assume they released it since, as I
recall, Victor sold theremin's at one time.