On 14/09/05, Steve Puntolillo wrote:

> The Theremin is hanging in there. Check out:
> Lydia is Theremin's grand daughter. She's the poster child for
> Theremin. She's also an accomplished pianist (and a very nice lady for
> that matter.)
> I recorded some of this Lydia Kavina Theremin CD, mixed some of it and
> mastered all of it for Mode records:
> We recently remastered it for re-release. (The tools have improved
> since 1997.) If you are a Theremin lover and decide to buy the CD,
> make sure you get the newer version.

I already have Mode 76. Are you saying these are the same performances,
but remastered?

It says "Mode is planning a second disc of theremin works with 
Lydia Kavina to appear in 2000/2001." 

I take it this never happened?

The biography of Theremin by Glinsky is a Must Read, especially if read
in conjunction with "Spycatcher" by Peter Wright.

Don Cox
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