At 08:17 PM 9/14/2005, Mike Csontos wrote:
>Many years ago, when these reels were relatively new, a friend of mine had a
>similar experience with some tape stored on a 3M self-takeup reel. He
>complained to 3M, they confirmed that this was a problem with the 
>adhesive used to
>catch the end of the tape at the hub, and sent him a replacement 
>reel with the
>warning not to use it to store tape.
>I don't think one should draw conclusions about vinegar syndrome from this
>experience.  There are other reels that have little or no side 
>openings so one
>could look for problems with them.


This reel didn't appear to have adhesive but rather three metal clips 
that spring from the inside of one of the flanges and narrow the 
width of the opening for about 10 mm. The three clips or grabbers 
extend farthest into the space normally occupied by the tape at the 
hub. At the 10 mm point, they are actually recessed into slots 
moulded in the flanges so the tape would contact the flange before 
the spring. The outside (adjacent to the flange) of the springs are 
silvery looking, the insides (which were adjacent to and/or touching 
the tape are green. The flange opposite the clips is frosted and I 
haven't gotten a good look at the surface of the clips/grabbers.



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