On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, David Lennick wrote:

> Capitol came out with an album with a sexy cover in the late 40s, "Music from Out of
> the Moon", featuring original compositions by Harry Revel and the artistry of Samuel
> J. Joffman (who'd played on the Spellbound soundtrack) and Les Baxter's orchestra and
> chorus. "Music for Peace of Mind" followed, with Billy May conducting. Then on RCA
> came the Perfume album, from which "Jet" became a popular single (and with lyrics, a
> minor hit for Nat King Cole in 1951).

Which I have...the originals (one with an alternate cover) and a 12 inch
LP from Capitol which featured both of their albums and a CD set which has
all three albums. Also have the Rosza score, the Ferde Grofe score which
featured the theremin, Rockmore's album, the Laszlo album on Columbia
(which needs to be issued-very odd), etc.

 As well, someone (I forget who) wrote a
> concerto for Theremin and Orchestra, which Stokowski featured in the mid 40s
> (soloist, Clara Rockmore, one of the Reisenbergs). There was a fascinating
> documentary about the Theremin circulating about 10 years ago. More recently, Robert
> Moog was building new brother has one.

Some years ago I was contacted by Steve Martin who did that film on
Theremin and was able to supply him with the Fuleihan Concerto which I got
from a collector in New York. Two weeks later I got a phone call from Bob
Moog...he wanted a copy as well. I also collect recordings of the music of
Fuleihan. That recording, possibly from a different copy, has been
issued on CD. I also have a performance tape of the Cowell Rhythmicon

In short, I thought I knew something about the available recordings of the
Theremin, only to find that there was a major gap in my awareness when it
came to these Victor things. If there are more I would love to issue them.
Any info would be most welcome about the Victor Theremin records...I have
but one...are there others?

And, on the subject, I read that there has recently been a performance of
the Schillinger Airphonic Suite for theremin and orchestra. Anyone have a