On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Frank Strauss wrote:

> Somewhere in the 50's that famous nerd journal Popular Electronics had
> plans for building a Theremin.  A friend and I tried it, but it turned
> out to be trickier to play than we had anticipated.

I find it a bit like trying to pat my head with one hand while moving
my other hand in a circular motion over my middle.

A good friend tells the story that when he bought his theremin from Moog,
it came with an instructional video. He was eager to learn...set up the
instrument and was all ready for his first video lesson. He put the video
tape in the machine...Clara Rockmore comes on and says something like. "I
have played both the violin and the theremin. The theremin is much more
difficult." My friend said he then sat down and had a glass of wine.