Not directly musical, but this link gives information on the 
condition of art collections in the hurricane region:



At 9/2/2005 10:03 AM, you wrote:
>The message below came over the archives list. Not sure if you can
>designate your contribution to any particular repository, but it's likely
>worth a shot.
>Also, in defense of librarians and archivists with multiple priorities and
>few resources, it's actually extremely time-consuming and costly to scan
>entire collections and make them web-accessible, especially with large or
>odd-size items, and most especially if there are any copyright or other
>legal considerations, such as rules set by the donor of the materials.
>There's also the fact that understaffed and underfinanced institutions are
>also responsible for other duties, such as reference and other user
>services, collection development, cataloging of new items if they're also
>a regular library, etc. It's just not that simple an issue. As others have
>noted, it's not as if we don't WANT to do digital preservation.
>Matt Snyder
>Music Archivist
>Wilson Processing Project
>The New York Public Library
>Subject: Fwd: [ALACRO-L:2962] Louisiana Library Association Accepting
>Monetary Donations For Libraries
>The Louisiana Library Association has set up 'The LLA Disaster Relief
>Fund' and is now accepting monetary donations to assist school, public,
>and academic library restoration efforts in Southeastern Louisiana.
>Please make checks payable to:  LLA-Disaster Relief
>And mail to:      LLA
>                   421 South 4th St
>                   Eunice, LA  70535

David Hamilton
New York City
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