On Thu, 22 Sep 2005, Aaron Levinson wrote:

> Dear Tech Folks-
> I am running a pro-tools rig( 2 888 24's) and we recently purchased an
> external drive so we were not saving session files
> to the same drive that the application is running on.

While I don't know, off the top of my head, the answer to your question,
(will check when I get home) I did want to mention that indeed, with
ProTools, you do need to have your working file on a separate drive, not the
same drive which is running the application. This is a point mentioned in
the documentation and needs to be taken seriously...running the Protools
application and having your working file on the same drive will likely
shorten the life of the drive. Even when I take the laptop to a remote
recording session, I take along an external drive.

Without responding directly to your question, you may want to consider
updating to OS X. I haven't checked with digi on support for Tiger, but I
am running a version of 10.3 (can't remember which one) with no problems.
Also, when I got the recent update of Protools, as an incentive, they
provide a free (at no extra cost) a parametric plug in.

Also, next time you buy an external drive, I have had good results from
Glyph. They cost a bit more, but mine haven't died, yet...