At 05:42 PM 9/25/2005, David Lennick wrote:

>Utah Electronics was the manufacturer of the tape recorder, which was called a
>Just googled "Magictape" and "Utah" and the only references to a 
>tape recorder by
>that name are a couple of old 78-L posts of mine, so maybe I dreamed the whole
>thing. The last 55 years didn't happen.

Hi, David,

That is interesting as the only other time I ran across Utah tapes 
were on the reels as you described and they were from someone who 
grew up in Montreal, so I had assumed it was a Canadian outfit 
(despite it's name). One of the tapes he had me transfer was Queen 
Elizabeth's Coronation in 1952 and although you indicated that the 
unit had a radio in it, it sure sounded as if they had mic'd the radio.

I've never seen the reels or machines in any U.S. projects.

I've bcc'd two tape recorder collectors and maybe they can tell me 
something and be willing to have me post it to ARSC list.



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