I'm not sure I want to make my entire pricing structure public since 
we're all competitors -- friendly competitors, but competitors none the less.

However, I will suggest that the way I break down costs for clients is useful:

(1) Tape Preparation: this could be a lot of things from removing 
mold to adding leader to reshelling cassettes, tape heat treatments, 
chilling treatments, ascertaining track configuration and speed, etc. 
This varies a bit depending on the tape, but is usually about 10-15 
minutes per tape. Mold drives this up, as does reshelling RCA 
cartridges that were left in the middle.

(2) Ingest into the computer: This is the cost of playing the tape 
into the computer system, assuming you're doing it that way. This is 
really time-based unless there is loss-of-lubricant, then it's a 
higher rate as I have to babysit it.

(3) Cleanup/Remastering/Prep for CD burning: This is the time spent 
processing the files in the computer and this is where the effort 
varies the most.

(4) Output media costs: This can be audio CDs, Data CDs, Data DVDs, 
Audio DVDs, FireWire drives, Internet Transfer, Reel tape, Cassettes

(5) Return Shipping: Rather obvious...not a profit centre, but look 
at your box costs, tape, postage, and the cost of my wife taking it 
to the post office.

Look at your hourly rate. Look at how much other stuff you can do 
while something else is happening. Look at how long each task takes 
and charge accordingly. I believe in a basic pricing structure that 
treats everyone the same.

I charge the same for a person's Bar Mitzvah tape as I did for the 
Princess Diana tapes. And it's often very difficult to figure out how 
much effort something is going to take in advance, and I give my 
clients a range, usually.



>Now, my question: I've been asked by a small museum here in NH to
>digitize a collection of 78s, open reels and LPs. Since I've never done
>anything of this size the problem I'm having is "What to charge"? They
>are working with grant money and want me to submit my estimate of how
>much I think I can do with the money they have available. I can
>estimate my time but how do you translate that into a price? How do you
>all charge? By the hour, by the job? How?

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