Hi, Lou,

Part of the challenge with doing old tape restoration is that we have 
old tape recorders. Parts, accessories, and entire machines are often 
only available on eBay. I've paid $100 or less for several NOS Studer 
Play Heads...but prices are going up.

I don't always like it, and I got skunked once -- and my only 
negative feedback -- on a Nakamichi Dragon. But where else can you 
buy a Dragon?

I'm not saying to buy stuff you can buy at Sweetwater or Full Compass 
on eBay, but I'll admit that I did get my second RME Multiface on 
eBay for several hundred less than Sweetwater and the seller knew 
what he was doing, he even downloaded the latest drivers and put them 
on a CD so I'd be happy.



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