When I went to digital photography in the spring of 2003, I could not 
bring myself to consider microdrives for that application, and 
bought, at that time, two 1G flash cards. I now have a pair of 
near-obsolete Nikon D100s and four 1GB flash cards. I still don't own 
a microdrive. I don't see the advantage. I'd rather transfer the CF 
contents to two laptop-sized disk drives than trust the microdrive 
with the only copy of anything.

Remember, I'm the one who believes in redundancy.

I've had flash memory now for about 10-12 years, starting with a 
PCMCIA card 5MB for my HP-100LX palmtop and it's been fine.

I don't think I'd recommend microdrives for field recording, either. 
4GB flash cards are now available.



At 11:45 AM 9/27/2005, Lou Judson wrote:
>Has anyone here used a microdrive yet? Same size and fits the slot 
>for a CF card. I'm wondering why one would want them, are they any 
>better or what? I can only imagine before too long we might have 20 
>gigs in either microdrive or CF, the way things keep getting smaller...

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