I've just taken possession (been possessed by?) two Mitsubishi X-86 
ProDigi recorders.

I've spent some time with the limited manuals that I have that came 
with them and also searching the AES Electronic Library for related papers.

It seems that the ProDigi (PD) format was developed in the mid-1980s 
while the original machines were developed in the late 1970s.

I _believe_ that the X-80 was the earlier format and the X-86 
represented the later format (it indeed says "ProDigi" on it).

There is one empty card slot in each machine, but from the 
information that I have, that is the serial AES/EBU interface and 
this will force me to transfer tapes through the analog domain which 
is not the end of the world, although I worry about the 
Digital-to-Analog converters in the X-86 -- I don't really worry that 
much about my RME Multifaces.

I have seen in some of the AES literature references to the X80/86 
format, which, to me, would imply some compatibility.

So, at the moment, the big question is:
   If I have to transfer a tape that was made in 1982 on a Mitsubishi 
machine, will it (theoretically) play on my X86s?

The other underlying questions are:
  (1)  Did they ever implement > 16 bit ADCs/DACs in the machines? A 
20-bit was considered a future option. Did it ever get implemented?
  (2)  If the answer to my big question is NO, was there any 
compatibility upgrade to the X-86 that would let it play X-80 tapes?
  (3)  I have assumed after reading the AES articles that there is 
absolutely no interchange between Sony DASH 2-track and the Mitsubishi.
        Did I miss anything?
  (4)  If the answer to the Big Question is NO, do you know of anyone 
who can transfer X-80 tapes.

Pohlmann (4th ed) didn't seem to have anything to say about the 
ProDigi format--though there is a brief mention of DASH.

Thanks for helping me with my confusion.



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