At 08:41 PM 9/27/2005, you wrote:
>hello there,
>Wolverine's FlashPac will allow you to transfer to a drive without a
>no I don't work for them,

What I really, really want is that device with a USB port and capable 
of using any USB drive, preferably an NTFS USB drive, but I'd settle 
for a FAT32 USB drive IF the device could format the drive under 
FAT32 up to say 1TB.

Do you have a Woverine FlashPac? I have two ImageTanks from Taiwan 
and they're underwhelming. They have 40G drives in them.

Epson makes something that lets you see pictures, but should work 
with sound as well.

The Wolverine looks to be the most aggressively priced.



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