At 11:55 PM 9/27/2005, andy Kolovos wrote:

>Has anyone used the Wolverine to upload audio off a flash card?  If so,
>did it work?  The only thing I was really worried about was file naming.
>For example, the PMD670 has a default numerical file naming system
>(something like 0001.WAV, etc.).  I imagine one would have to keep track
>of what numbers had been used and renumber new files via the recorder
>before uploading them so as not to overwrite files already on the photo
>vault.  This make sense?

Hi, Andy,

I can't speak for the Wolverine but I can tell you that the Image 
Tank G2? does this:

Each time you upload a card it creates a folder named Card0001 Card0002 etc.

It then copies the file names from the card exactly to its hard drive 
within the folder.

The reason I ran the cards to IT1 and IT2 in sequence was so that 
Card0001 on both ITs would be the same session.

With two cards it would be one card's worth of upload faster to flop 
the cards, but then the folder names would be flopped.

My Nikon D100 can either restart or continue numbering images (and 
can create a new folder if required). I'm wondering if the CF 
recorders have that kind of option.

One of the easier things to do with image files is to look at the 
date/time stamp. Do the CF recorders put date/time on the file?



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