On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, Tom Fine wrote:

> One final thought. People who are used to CD's lack of background noise and
> are critical listeners who are bothered by things like rumble, ticks and
> pops to the point of not enjoying the content will NEVER like ANY LP, so
> it's a fool's errand to try and "convert" them. I personally do not like LPs
> very much but a lot of content I like was never released on CD's or was so
> poorly remastered that the LP sounds better, warts and all.

To which I would add, in my limited experience, taking the noise (clicks
et al) from an LP can sometimes be quite a challenge. However, once done,
I find there can be some wonderful sound in those grooves. I am reminded
of a demo I did in one of my classes. We listened to the opening of the
Bernstein Kaddish (Columbia LP). The work begins with the chorus singing
pianissimo. As we removed the clicks, crackles, and then some of the hiss,
we could actually hear the entrance of the chorus at the beginning.

Speaking of LPs that have never made it to CD, does anyone know if the
original tapes for the MGM Classical issues survive...and/or a contact?