That's terrible! I'd bet that Polygram bought Verve for the Verve catalog -- 
which was intact and has mostly survived to this day. Maybe only Verve was
what was included in the sale. Wonder if those MGM classical tapes are in
some film warehouse in California! Wouldn't be the first or last time such a
thing has happened.

Speaking of somewhat obscure labels, does anyone know the fate of Enoch
Light's Project 3 Records? Last I heard, someone on Long Island had the
rights but maybe not the master tapes. Also Light's Grand Award records?
Universal owns Command Records, and most of those tapes (and audiofilms for
the classical records) are still intact and accounted for, last I heard. No
plans to release them, however.

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom Fine wrote:
> > I believe the MGM Classics catalog may be owned by Universal. Universal
> > Verve, which was bought by MGM in the early 60s, so I'm guessing the
> > forefather of Universal (Polygram/Philips) bought all of MGM's record
> > business at some point.
> >
> > -- Tom Fine
> Which of course doesn't mean that Universal inherited the master tapes,
> those had been out of print since the late 50s..even the blue jacket
reissues in
> the 60s were pressed from old stampers. MGM trashed much of its record
> dl
> >
> >
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> > >
> > > Speaking of LPs that have never made it to CD, does anyone know if the
> > > original tapes for the MGM Classical issues survive...and/or a
> > >
> > > Karl