A little history from the city that probably had more of these per- 
capita than anywhere else in the world.  I'll try to do a bit of  
research for the various model changes to help clear up the lineage,  
let me know if you need it.

The Mitsu X-80/86 2-track machines were "thrown in" many times with  
deals that were for the PD 32-track machines - there was no  
particular "fondness" to the sound of the converters (as shown by the  
subsequent Apogee upgrade in the multitrack machines) that endeared  
them to the community.

Regarding transferring of the format, Otari made for many years the  
UFC-24 format converter that gave you a PD to other various digital  
formats (AES/EBU)

Also, at the time, most everyone was using the Sony 1630 or the JVC  
mastering system, and anytime possible the mastering facility took  
the digital stream (AES) from the 2-track machine, thereby rendering  
the D/A converters of the X-8x out of the loop.

I'm sure that were projects where the D/A converters of the X-80/86  
were used in the mastering process as well, but probably not so much.

Regarding the creation of digital preservation files from a 16-bit  
source, I'm not sure that I would agree with using the converters of  
the machines you own to create analog copies.  The members of the  
NARAS P&E Wing Committee were pretty clear in their agreement that  
digital transfers of source material to analog tape created  
subjective differences from the digital original (as opposed to the  
other way).  I would dare say that if you get a good error-free  
playback of the digital output, you can make better archival  
preservation files to use through better converters down the road.   
Analog copies WILL sound different.


John Spencer

On Sep 4, 2005, at 4:37 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> THANK YOU, Claus!
> What is X-86-C and how do I know if my machines are that?
> I had assumed DASH and PD are different.
> So there are four 2-track X-8x-x formats? GAK!
> Point well taken about the "sound" of the converter.
> Cheers,
> Richard
> At 09:47 AM 9/4/2005, Claus Trelby wrote:
>> Hi Richard,
>> X-8x-x Mit is not compatible with DASH... DASH is PCM based and  
>> Prodig is
>> different.
>> To make things more complex:
>> X-80 comp with the X-86-C not X-86
>> X-86 comp with the X-86-C, NOT X-80
>> X-86-C comp with X-80 (PB only), X-86, NOT HS
>> X-86-HS comp with X-86, X-86-C, NOT X-80, and had a unique HS  
>> setting.
>> In transferring this format there are a couple of PD to PCM DtoD  
>> converters,
>> but since these machines were used in the analog domain as mastering
>> machines, we have to keep in mind that the sound of he converters  
>> are part
>> of the sound that engineers heard and used. I would capture in the  
>> analog
>> domain with these machines.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Claus.
>> Claus Trelby
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