We do multitrack PD transfers (X-800/850/880), really haven't seen  
many 2-track PD reels in the vaults.

I'll keep my eyes open, if I see any PD 2-tracks that still have the  
DIF cards I'll pass the information along to you.

If I'm not mistaken (and I could be, my tech isn't in the office  
today), I think Otari made the transports for the PD machines (at  
least the multitracks).  Once the DASH-48 track was introduced, it  
was all downhill from there.

Someone once made a comment that "an engineer will always need one  
more track than he/ she has".  So you can see that it was easy for  
someone to go from working on a 32-track multitrack to a 48-track -  
heck, that's 16 more tracks we can fill up!


John Spencer

On Sep 4, 2005, at 10:09 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> Thank you, John!
> Do you have access to the optional digital boards? They are a DIF-2  
> and it has three Eurocard connectors across the back.
> My machines have the Apogee filter upgrade FWIW.
> Do you do this format?
> By the way, it seems I have DASH working well. I have a nice 3402,  
> a backup, and two 3202s. I've done a digital transfer from an  
> "accidental" test tape that came with one of the machines. All is  
> well with DASH. It's the Mitsubishi that's making me crazy. Nice  
> thing about the X86 is it's a decent 1/4" 14-inch-reel transport  
> that should let me spool off 14" analog tapes nicely to 12.5" reels  
> for transfer on the APRs. Just put an analog head on the thing and  
> be done with it <smile>.
> Thanks!
> Richard
> At 10:41 PM 9/4/2005, you wrote:
>> Richard,
>> Regarding the creation of digital preservation files from a 16-bit
>> source, I'm not sure that I would agree with using the converters of
>> the machines you own to create analog copies.  The members of the
>> NARAS P&E Wing Committee were pretty clear in their agreement that
>> digital transfers of source material to analog tape created
>> subjective differences from the digital original (as opposed to the
>> other way).  I would dare say that if you get a good error-free
>> playback of the digital output, you can make better archival
>> preservation files to use through better converters down the road.
>> Analog copies WILL sound different.
> YEs, but the point that was being made is that's what they were  
> expecting, but I see your point as well. I would love to get the  
> digi I/O card (DIF-2) for the machine. Neither has it. Grrr.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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