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> Further down the blog author, Terry Teachout, writes:
> "A question to anyone in the New Orleans area who is familiar with the
> situation on the ground: is anything known about the condition of the Hogan
> Archive at Tulane University? This is one of the most important collections of
> primary-source jazz documentation in the world, and I'm starting to get
> questions about it from scholars. Has it survived the flood, and if so, in
> what condition?"

This collection is housed on an upper floor of the Howard-Tilton Memorial
Library, well above flood waters. Wind damage is an open question at this
> This only strengthens my view that the #1 priority for archives of
> unique materials should be to digitize them -- and if possible make the
> digital copies *publicly available* so they can be mirrored in various
> digital archives worldwide (as the Internet Archive does.)

And exactly why does the writer think that it isn't their #1 priority?

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