Dan Kj- wrote:

> I used 'lemony' spray polish on some of my Pathe records, long ago.  It did
> seem to reduce surface noise a little ( subjective assessment) & also made
> the dull, black Pathe paper labels look pretty.  About 10 years later, none
> of them appear to have any damage.  One danger, though:  when I set one
> 'waxed' disc onto another one in a pile, they tend to ZIP right across each
> other!    Some Windex on a cloth should remove the wax. (Yes, I've used
> Windex & see no damage at all)

I've picked up the occasional collection from someone who'd prized his records
and used various compounds to lessen needle noise, and one particular load seems
to be a bit "waxy"..these discs don't seem to respond to the PhotoFlo/Distilled
Water solution I use in the Monks.

Windex will leave stains on 40s shellac such as Decca and Capitol, but doesn't
seem to do anything to older material (I used it at one point a few years ago
before I had the Monks). The stains aren't audible.


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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Wax on 78 rpm records
> > Does anyone have any experience with 78s that have been waxed? In order to
> > make them look good and shiny, a collector used Johnson's floor wax on his
> > 78s. Maybe it made them sound better, too?
> >
> > Is there any safe way to get this off? Presumably, over time this will not
> > be good for the recordings.