Steve Puntolillo wrote:

> I'm sure my client would be thrilled to find out he can listen to
> transfers of recordings that he does or does not have. He won't play the
> cylinders himself.
> This is not a commercial interest for him. Ciccolini was his
> grandfather. Pursuing this is not really business-related for me either.
> My business is high-quality analog-to-digital transfers of multitrack
> tapes. Once I understand the options, I will direct him to the
> appropriate facility where they specialize in this type of transfer. I
> thought this list would be a good place to gather info for him. I have
> not been disappointed!

I had provided Steve with a bit of information on Ciccolini from K&R, a 
standard reference (Grosses Saengerlexikon). A bit more: 1885-1963, 
debut in 1907, modest career until one season 1918-19 in Chicago but 
nominally continued until retirement in 1930. A friend of Rudolph 
Valentino, Ciccolini sang at his funeral in 1926 - probably his greatest 
claim to fame.

Given those dates, I hope to find him in the logs, then on the 
recordings of the Diamond Discs. That won't be easy since the logs are 
extensive and handwritten, though I've a good photocopy.

I have checked for his 1908-09 HMV recordings without success. K&R 
reports both cylinders and discs for Edison, but I have no cylinder 
source material handy.

An invaluable reference is Chris Zwarg's discography at

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