I work this way on certain problematic records where slow playing improves 
the tracking.  I copy them flat, bump up the speed and only then apply eq.

If sound beyond clarity is an issue with your project, be sure you have this 

Steve SMolian

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re-recording/editing: asking for help/advice

> The program DC ART 6 has this function built in as a pre-set. You can play 
> a
> 78 at 45, and it will adjust pitch/speed exactly
> I recall that the older version, Millennium, also has this built in. It 
> may
> also compensate for the EQ change, but I don't recall exactly, and I no
> longer have this installed on my computer.
> The price for this is now $59, a bargain.
> Contact them directly to verify that this program will do what you want.
> Kevin Mostyn
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Fw: Changing speed and accordingly, pitch in audio
> re-recording/editing: asking for help/advice
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> Subject: Changing speed and accordingly, pitch in audio
> re-recording/editing: asking for help/advice
> I an an amateur audio recorder and editor, using heretofore Sony's 
> EZAudio,
> to put to CD tapes made of some solo clarinet stuff I've been doing in
> church.  It occurred to me that somehow, I could rescue a wonderful
> recording of the contralto Marion Anderson doing Schubert's "Ave Maria".
> The problem is that EZAudio cannot compensate for the fact that my
> turntable, a medium price Onkyo purchased after my previous, expensive
> turntable died a death of old age and hardening rubber wheels, only has 45
> and 331/3 speeds, and the Anderson recording is a 78!  Argh!
> So, a Googling found Millers article on using other computer softwared to 
> do
> what I wanted to do.  He talked about using CoolEdit, which now costs $170
> for Adobe.  Sony makes two versions of Sound Forge, a pro model for (also)
> $170 and a somewhat cutdown version (probably for rank amateurs like me) 
> for
> $70.
> My question to you is:  Do you know if the cheap version of SoundForge 
> will
> let me do what I want to do, a la the description in Millers' article,
> namely resampling the original WAV file at a different rate and according
> adjustment of the pitch?   OR, is it only the pro version of SoundForge, 
> or
> the Adobe CoolEdit that will allow that?
> I have tried to deduce the answer to my questions from Sony's and Adobe's
> web pages but they are not informative enough, and nobody I know does 
> audio
> editing/re-recording.  OK, I know I can send my record to quite a number 
> of
> places, at varying price levels, and get a CD from the record, but it 
> would
> be fun to do it myself.
> If you can help me, I'd be most appreciative.
> Sincerely,
> Clarke Hermance
> Retired University Prof in ME,
> Combustion researcher, and
> very amateur clarinetist
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