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> Any reports if the library sustained damage which would have let in
> wind and water during the storm? And will the collection be secure the
> next few months? 

I went to law school in that building - those floors are way above sea
level. I don't know whether the windows have held, but the new library is
higher and is directly across the street, so it may have been shielded by
it. Moisture is always a problem without air conditioning, and at one time
in the distant past that collection didn't receive 24/7 climate control for
economic reasons. It's all conjecture at this point.

> My comment was a general statement rather than being specific to
> Hogan.

The problem with archives is almost universal. It's economic.

I did approximately 20% of that collection already, but work couldn't
continue - and not because Hogan didn't want to.

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